Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well on Thursday, i got another opportunity to go & do another story! I had to go to EGGS, Epsom Girls Grammar. And interview a couple of the maori students about what there views are on the elections. That went well too.. I made the students just be themselves & give there most honest opinions on what they think about Voting, & how much they even do know about it!

It was soo funny, i got the class to huddle in a bunch & start up a debate. NOW because they were teenagers i got teenagers answers! like, helen Clark is too ugly to run the country, but yet in some country in the middle East shes considered one of the most sexiest women in the world!!!HAHAHHA, & also apparently John Key's HOT! I dont get that at all! And aparently kids should get free transport to school every day!

So the whole thing deffinetly started to come together.

When i interviewed the first girl it was sooo funi coz she told me she would vote for labour because shes an old x student from EGGS & also cause her mum does! After asking her what do you know about heln & her party she said "I dont know"!!!!

So i guess kids these days dont realise the importance of knowing info on politics & just how much it can effect the country & also the importance of knowing as much info as you can about the person you want to vote for! AND HOW THEY WILL CATER TO YOUR NEEDS, & YOUR COUNTRYS NEEDS!!!!!!

Work experience, Te kaea, MTS

Well, this whole week has been so intresting!

Well, started on monday, didnt no what to expect! But at the end of the day the first day was pretty sweet! We just sat in the corner realy & just watched everyone work!lol. UNTIL! i was told that tommorow i had to do a story! So i had a blank paper in front of me, then i started jotting out ideas for a story to do the next day!

Then it hit me! the baby that got run over on Sunday night in Kaikohe! My fams live there, so why not do that one! So i went home, did abit of research, got in touch with ACC, Manukau citu Council, obviously needed someone who could speak maori! And asked them if i could interview them at a Kohanga Reo about Awareness of kids in driveways!

They accepted, YAIYA i have a story now!!lol....

So went in to work on tuesday, told the boss i have interviewees and there expecting us at 11.00am.

Got to the location, i told the camera man to do a couple of GV'S, general shots of the Kohanga Reo outside, & there were these think safe signs outside on the fence & told him to do some shots of those tooo... & of course some of the kids singing...

Went & said hello to the 2 women i was about to interview, then we started..

It went realy well, considering i pulled off a story from scratch in only 1 DAY!

Then went back to the office, started editing the story, writing up my script, & pulled it all together!

Boy was it fun! It went to air the next night!!hahaha

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Evening of Thursday..

We were tested on what we had learnt all week, also the work that we did with Chris & Tina, we all lined up in rows, & did the Patu work all together.. Man was it a great feeling, were all the 120 people came together & performed this item to the cooks to show them our appreciation for all there hard work for the whole week!

Then it was time to do the JOKE! So i stood up in the marae, stood infront of everyone & went for it...

IT WAS GOOD, everyone laughed throughout the whole thing, I was mocking Winston Peters & Helen Clark!!! Oh & T e Waihoroi!!!hahaha, the teacher...

Thursday in Rotorua

Today is the last day of class, tommorow were going home, YAIYA!!! Cant wait!

Well in the morning i had Hiria Tumoana! She's soo funny! she's a very straight up kind of a women! Because our course is a broadcasting course, she kept telling me that my Reo Maori has to be correct, because kids who watch T.V will be learning off us, so its important that my Reo is up to scratch...

Her class was all about finding other maori words that have the same meaning...

To be honest i didnt realy pay attention in this class because i was trying to prepare my Joke that i was chosen to do in front of everyone that avening!!!

Wednesday- In Rotorua

Today our first class was with Materoa Haenga...

And her class was all about KIWAHA!

so for example:
*HAU PIRAU!- Lier, or *I KII ATU RA- I told you so! or *HE MAI TIKA MAI- Write or Wrong...

So she basically explained a whole lot of Kiwaha to us & then gave us a paper with blank spaces on them & we had to fill them spaces in with the right Kiwaha in..

It was awesome, after we filed them in we had to act it out like a little play!

Then it was lunch, after that we had Rahera Shortland...

She soo favored me, because she knows my mum...hehehe. who is the C.E.O of Ngapuhi.

And in her class we focussed on translating Maori storys into Pakeha... That was fun, but the storys we had to do were sad, one of them was a true story of a guy that got attacked by a shark! And Boy was it detailed!!!!! The whole time we were translating this story i just kept thinking if this guy we were reading about was all right & is Still Alive! Found out at the end of the class that he was!lol

Tuesday- In Rotorua

Same routine today, woke up, had karakia, had breakfast, then started class!

First up we had Te Waihoroi Shortland... He has a show thats on tv called TE TEPU!!
And he also Directs Cartoons & stuff.. Thats were ive worked with him in the past, so he sort of remembered me from that.. I did alot of voiceovers with him for all these cartoons on Maori TV.

Anyway, his main concern about maori is that we listen to maori conversations, but do we realy get the point of the whole topic?

So we watched an episode of his show, TE TEPU, of all these Old people giving there opinion about all the Partys in Goverment & what they think about the MPS & who we should not trust & who we should trust.. Then he handed a sheet with all these questions asking what this & that person were saying on the programme, so the main objective of the task was to answer the questions RIGHT!!

Personally didnt do that well, i got alot wrong, & sometimes i didnt even answer them! But i think its because the programme was to fast, & it didnt give us a chance to read the next question, write the answer down & listen out for the next one!

Had lunch, then our next class was Leon Blake.
Hes the Kapahaka tutor for Te Piringa, which my cussin is in, she was the leader for there kapahaka group this year...

Hes a real cool guy, hes young, but he realy knows his stuff!

We focussed in his class on the correct ways of speaking maori, & when & where to add in certain letters in maori... like I, & KI.

I struggled abit with this class because when i talk maori, i have a habbit of just saying whats on my mind, & not realising, theres a structured way you must talk the Maori language..

So to break it down, if i speak maori, & translate it exactly into english, it would be very FOB, or incorrect language.

Monday-In Rotorua..

Well second day in Rotorua, had a horrible sleep! on that little matress, freezing from my head to my toes, and we had karakia at 6:45am in the morning!! 6am breakfast! And we start class 8am Sharp!

We were all put into groups the night we arrived, i was in group 1!!!

So first teacher we had for the whole livin was Chris & Tina Winitana!
They were awesome, i grew up watching them & there family perform at schools, & events all around the country. There groups name was Ahorangi Genesis...

So knowing abit about there background, i knew they loved performing, & they love being in the spot light!, & sure enough, thats what ended up happening. They asked us to grap a Patu, & go outside. Then they explained to us that we were going to be learning Whakatauki while doing the Patu movements!

Man it was hard enough knowing that we had to wake up early! And to now find out that were doing Patu work! While trying to remember these whakatauki!!

Example of 1 whakatauki-
*Taria ake kia maroke te rau tapu- Prepare, dont be a child!

At 12, we had lunch, then we went to our other class, which was with Wayne Ngata.

In his class we focused on translating English storys & Poems into Maori..
This was pretty hard because they wernt exacly normal english storys, instead they were shakespearian poems!!! I didnt even no what the words were in english let alone in Maori!